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All software developed by flying dog share one strong conviction: enterprise software has to be more than just a bunch of features. A Service Desk has to be intuitive and fast but also somehow beautiful. That's the way to increase the efficiency of your processes.

Experience the new UI


  • What is the technology behind?

    This user interface is implemented as an Jira add-on. All Jira user interface elements like isssue view, editing or list view are completly new developed. In the backend the Jira rest api is used.

  • Does it replace the Jira User Interface?

    No. It is implemented as an add-on and and can be used parallel to the default Jira User Interface. The user can switch between our add-on and default Jira at anytime.

  • Are other Jira add-ons compatible?

    Our add-on stays in Jira system as all other add-ons and so all add-ons can be accessed from Jira interface. Third party add-ons for the isssue single view will not work in our view.

  • What languages are supported?

    English and German. Others on request.

  • Where is my data stored?

    Except for some configuration no data is stored in our add-on. If you stop using the add-on no data will be lost. All data is still stored in Jira.

  • Does it have a night mode?

    Yes! Example:

    Same in normal white mode:

  • Is there a Trello-like view?


  • Who is flying dog software?

    flying dog software develops intelligent solutions for Internet,Intranet and Extranet since 1997. Our software ranges from Enterprise Content Management to Business Process Management and Social Intranet solutions.

    Our Jira UI includes some of the sophisticated user interface technology we developed for our fully featured Enterprise Helpdesk used by organizations like the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Also our experience in enterprise software development for companies like BOSCH or Telefónica and our Jira based work for Germanys largest supermarket chain EDEKA is part of this Jira add-on.

  • When will Beta version be available?

    It is online!

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More information in the Atlassian Marketplace.


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